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 Picture left: CIDI has constructed a valley dam for retention water in Karamoja district with support from Misereor Germany




There are several ways to get involved with CIDI

Partnerships: CIDI is working in partnership with national and international donor’s and Aid Organisation to implement our projects.

Networking: CIDI is engaged in various national forums about technical issues like WASH, Agriculture and WASH to share our experience and do networking.

Scientific Research: CIDI is collaborating with several research institutions and Universities in Uganda and East Africa, and are very interested in partnership with other academic institutions. 

Volunteering: CIDI is offering volunteer and intership options for interested people form Uganda and abroad to share our knowhow and receive technical support.

Technical Support: We are in partnership with Horizont3000 who is assisting us since many years with a technical adviser, who is currently improving our documentation activities.

Media: CIDI is publishing project intervention and results with different media channels like brochure, flyers or in radio talkshows and newspapers. We are welcoming media Houses who have interest in publishing or broadcasting our efforts for the public.

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